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Adaptive Re-use Library; New Conference Building


Building 22 Publication/ Azrieli School of Architecture and Urbanism

Instructor. John Cook

Graduate Comprehensive Design Studio

4 Months/ 2016

Founded in 1900, the Dominican University College (DUC), the current location of the college on Empress Avenue/ Ottawa dates more than a century. Since 1967, the DUC has offered a range of academic programs in philosophy and theology. In 2012, the DUC became affiliated with Carleton University, changing the future use of the facility. 

The project aimed for strategic addition to the the DUC, the program included new performance halls, library, etc. The proposed design aimed to respect the existing program of the DUC, but create a wrap around space that connected the old building to the new addition, enhancing the the existing architecture of the DUC, while introducing a new type of architecture. 

© 2016 by Savannah Alhaj

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