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A New Convention Center to an Existing Plaza



Traditionally Riga is known for being one of the central European destination for hospitality hosting major European events. 
The competition calls for a design of convention center to  enhance the conventional/ international events hosted in Riga.


The “ARK” shy away from the conventional method of placing auditoriums on the ground, instead the four auditoriums are lifted on pillars floating in space. In this configuration, the space between the auditoriums became the public gathering space/exhibition, and host all the service rooms and supporting facilities such as (conference rooms, etc.) while the upper floor is more segregated and private dedicated to the four auditoriums. The four auditoriums are connected by a walkway on the edge of the building, looking towards the Bay. Another feature is the public space and cafe which falls down from the walkway connecting the four auditoriums and oriented towards the outdoor plaza and look over it towards the existing building.

International Competition by beebreeders

2 Months/ 2017

The glass band on the lower floor represent the water waves, inviting the public to visit the building and explore its architecture.  The solid shell covers the spaces under one main building being the new Riga Convention Center. 

The new proposal calls for a construction of recycled wood material This project also involves sustainable energy by integrating a green roof with solar panels - adding more solar panels towards southern-facing roof to maximize the ability of the building to convert heat energy to electrical energy to make it efficient. The building takes precedence in the use of wood for many centuries in Latvia. 

Credits of Diagrams: Matt Hagen

Aerial View
Street View
Auditorium 3

© 2016 by Savannah Alhaj

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