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Savannah has been introduced to design since youth. Growing up, she observed the gold factory (family business) environment, and she worked at her father's side; the principle jewelry designer and a partner in the factory. Design became her passion and the lense she precieved the world through.  

She has acquired a refined experience in architecture, interior design, gold & jewelry design, and photography from a number of highly celebrated Canadian and Middle Eastern schools & studios. She has also worked with successful Canadian design studios on leading projects locally and internationally. She has participated in large scale hospitality, retail and residential projects. 

She has also experienced the Real Estate investment business focusing on acquisition, development, and marketing. Savannah acquired her Real Estate License & has been involved in Real Estate Investment for over five years.

Savannah is a certified Architect and Design Lead in an international firm, where she spent the last four years leading the design for significant projects such as St.Paul Hospital with a budget of (2.5 Billion), Gateway Casino (Mission), BC Pump house(the main water pump station in University of British Columbia), BCIT Gateway Health Sciences Building, Burnaby Hospital, & multiple other residential& mixed use projects. Since her graduation in 2011 (undergraduate) & 2016 (M.Arch) she has worked with multiple design studios in the west coast and the east coast for national and international clients such as St. Regis Hotels, Viceroy Hotel Group, & Le’ Metage Hotel. 


Savannah has participated in many design competitions & she has been selected to attend various international design conferences and workshops such as (Advanced Building Skin Conference in Switzerland, Hooke Park with the Architectural Association in England, & Computational Design Workshop with Z-Code in Greece). Savannah understands the importance of utilizing the latest technology tools in architecture and, therefore, has explored various computational design, fabrication and visualization tools. Savannah has completed her masters from Carleton University in 2016, where her thesis has won (Maxwell Taylor Scholarship). Savannah knows that she always has to stay curious and have the mindset of a hungry apprentice.


© 2016 by Savannah Alhaj

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